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Press release distribution in Japan
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How the Japanese press release distribution works:

Step 1

등록하다 an account, then choose a pricing plan and pay online

Step 2

Send us the press release draft, or post online directly

Step 3

You get a media report with links in 2~3 working days

How much does a Japan press release cost?

We can send you the translated content for your approval before distribution.
You can choose $290 for guaranteed published on 10 sites, or $550 for guaranteed published on 20 plus sites.

Japan 10 Sites
Japan 20+ Sites
✔️Publish your news on
10+ media sites
✔️ Japanese translation
✔️ 1 image, 1 video
✔️ Google, Yahoo JP index
✔️ Real news sites
✔️ 2 working days
✉️ Link report
✔️Publish your news on
20+ media sites
✔️ Japanese translation
✔️ 2 images, 1 video
✔️ Google, Yahoo JP index
✔️ Real news sites
✔️ 3 working days
✉️ Link report
$290 one-time payment
$550 one-time payment
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