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It’s time for Taiwan

·👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 23.5 million population
·💰U$33,402 GDP per capita

Taiwan Online PR Solutions

Press Release Distribution

– Main stream media PR
– Print media news placement
– Marcom materials localization

KOL Agency

– YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, FB, IG…
– High performance
– Seamless communication

Social Media Management

– All major platforms available
– Working with top copywriters & graphic designers

Successful Cases


Our press release created huge social buzz, shares and national discussion

6.5 million views


General and targeted Press release, with options to finding KOLs for WOM marketing

4 million views


Our press release generated large number of reach, views and shares

1.2 million views

Most Popular Platforms

YouTube, 痞客幫, Facebook, DCard, Line,
巴哈姆特, 批踢踢, Instagram, Mobile01, 波波黛莉

  • Media in Taiwan are mixed with popular international and local platforms. You can’t change the text from simplified Chinese into traditional Chinese and release. There are different expressions that only Taiwanese know how to adapt it.
  • Topic News PR has professional translators and copywriters who are native Taiwanese.
  • We can help every industry to have a voice heard in Taiwan, no matter the scale of the business.

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Taiwan Press Release Pricing

15 Sites at $350
✅15+ Taiwan media
✅Traditional Chinese localization
✅1 image
✅Google index
✅Real news sites
👌🏼3 working days
📋 Coverage report
$350 One-time Payment
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KOL cooperation, social media marketing, OOH

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