Coronavirus: Its Symptoms and How to Prevent

With Wuhan coronavirus spreading to other countries, many are worried about the possibility of being infected. it is helpful to know the symptoms and what can be done to avoid getting sick.

According to the expert from China, There aren’t any particular symptoms that differentiate the Wuhan coronavirus from other diseases. The classic symptoms will be low fever, chest pain and coughing, but there are also symptomless patients. As a result, people who have visited China, especially the Hubei area in the past 2 weeks and are showing symptoms should carry out self-quarantine and avoid contacting others.

The basic rules to prevent infection are the basic and yet most effective methods: Avoid going to crowded places, and wash hands well and often.

The virus enters the human body through the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth, so wash your hands frequently if possible.

If you have to go out, only do so after you wearing a mask that covers nose and mouth to prevent the droplets that carry viruses from spreading.

Although the expert says wearing a mask cannot prevent catching the virus completely, it is certainly helpful.