Gain Unfair Marketing Advantage in Asia with an Asia newswire service


If you are considering a public relations media strategy for your business in Asia, you need to consider an Asia press release service.

Topic News PR is your local PR partner in Asia, providing one of the best online press release distribution services across the Far East, including China, Japan and Korea.   

A press release is a written statement that intends to report on detailed but brief information. The content can be about a recent circumstance, event, product launch, or important HR changes. Our online press release distribution service has the objective of getting the largest media companies and social networks to pick up your story, product, event, or circumstance and get your news featured in Japan, China, and across Asia.

 Important Considerations For Your Asia Press Release

  • Timing is essential – with most featured new articles, events, and press releases, timing is a critical factor as they are available for immediate release. Immediate release means that any individual can share the information and news as soon as it is public. We recommend that timely coverage is promoted as much as possible. We also suggest a press embargo that you can have a specific date for coverage.
  • Our objective is to get your news features to the media in China and Japan and get them to run with it. It is crucial to consider what the large media outlets are looking for in a press release. We ask ourselves questions such as – is it going to impress the readers? How does it benefit the community?

The Benefits of Using Our Press Release Distribution Service

When it comes to Japan’s press release and China’s press release, there are several benefits you can enjoy from such service, which is more of an investment.  Our Asia press release services guarantee some of the following benefits for your business:

  • Quick exposure to a reputable audience
  • Affordable pricing
  • Search engine optimization benefits
  • Increase in sales
  • Increase in web traffic to business website
  • Increase in social media sharing
  • Gain authenticity for your business

Easy PR Distribution  

Asia newswire service offered by Topic News PR is accessible and easy.  Either online submission or contact via email to get a quick response from a PR specialist.